Our Services

Business cloud solutions

It is cloudy here! Net-frame.net offers cloud opportunities for small and medium business companies like hosting, backup, storage and everything else that can suite your need. We are able also to provide virtual servers and dedicated servers for rent as well. Prices start from 49 euro/month. For exact price and conditions please contact us.

Broadband connectivity

You need high-speed internet? No problem! With average speed of 100 mbit we can deliver high-speed highway for you business and daily activities. Price levels start from 25 euro for 25 mbit, 35 euro for 50 mbit, 50 euro for 100 mbit, 80 euro for 150 mbit and more to infinity. All speed levels are guaranteed! In addition we can offer mailbox, hosting and backup for plans with 100 mbit and up. For best offer for you please contact us.

Custom solutions

Sometimes your needs are "out of the box", and the volume solutions doesn't fit you? Welcome to Net-frame.net, where we'll be happy to work with you and we'll do our best to create the right decision for you. Note: custom-made solutions are prepaid in the beginning of each month with standart price level + 5%. What you get is flexibility - you can change all options in your custom plan for the period of the contract. Each time you change a variable the price will be adjusted for the new conditions. All changes in one custom plan are accepted only via email! To start creation of your plan, please contact us.

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