About our company

Who we are

Your customers rely on you to provide them with quality Internet or data connectivity 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In short, you need a provider for your upstream connectivity who delivers a reliable service day in, day out, delivers the bandwidth you contracted to receive and who is there to support you 24/7. We understand the ISP business inside out, having had the experience of building our own network infrastructure and delivering a quality of service we are proud of, which is why we are confident to support ISPs with a full range of services.

Our history

Net-frame.net started as a regioanl ISP in Sofia, but soon after that we focused our efforts to broadband traffic, cloud services and custom business solutions. We don't have much of a history, but we believe that we create our history with our clients, so our history is our common future!

Why choose us

Why choose us?

A good question, and an easy one to answer, because we are one of the few ISP’s that is big enough to take on any job, but still small enough to care about every individual customer.


We have the enthusiasm, expertise and know-how to meet any challenge and any circumstance that may occur, to the highest industrial standards, within challenging timeframes. Our platforms will continue to adapt to the changes in technology, keeping your internet experiences current and relevant.


We own datacentre and connectivity to provide our clients with very fast, efficient and secure internet access at all times.


Net-frame.net operates a flexible and highly mobile business plan, which ensures rapid response and maximum efficiency of manpower to bring customers the resources they require.

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